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Yes, we've been around for 80 Years, but we're rolling with the changes.

establishing ROOTS the Early Days

satinAMERICAN established its roots by gaining expertise servicing circuit breakers designed in the late 1930’s. Breakers and Switchgear were seen in virtually every industrial application. Between the 1930‘s and 1960’s, breakers and switchgear evolved with varying, overload devices, current sensors and time delays to name a few areas. Satin remained flexible and adabpted teh company‘s expertise by continuously training capable technical personnel in retrofitting and remanufacturing gear with the latest technologies of the times.

finding a NICHE

New breaker designs emerged during the 1980’ as aging configurations were reaching the end of their useful life. Because the old power breakers were well made and expected to have a long service life, Satin‘s footprint grew in critical applications requireing continous operation. Satin stayed in step with the times, ready to support the changing industry, replacing older generation equipment no longer supported by the OEM’s who always recommended new replacements versus maintining existing equpiment. We listened to customers who found replacing existing equipment to often be unnecessary and naturally very expensive. Complete replacement of breakers and switchgear required significant downtime and lost productivity with little, if any net gain.

current day VALUE

After 80 years, today satinAMERICAN is an industry leader with an everyay goal of providing responsive, effective solutions. Located in Shelton, Connecticut, Satin warehouses breaker models from every American manufacturer since the 1940‘s - with a vast inventory o fover 70,000 circuit breakers of all types.

Obsolete components and sparte parts inventory on hand allows the company to upgrade exixting gear so customers are able to maintain their circuit breakers and switchgear decades after the OEM stops supporting them. A fully outfitted maching shop alls fabrication of everything from small breaker components to full switchgear lineups to support all low and medium voltage systems for substations that generate, transmit and distribute power for our customers.

Emergency technical support is provided 24/7 for blow-ups and other emergencies for our customer base which includes power utilities, manufacturing, service and testing companies as well as distributors in the supply chain. Nobody has the resources, technical knowledge & experience to inspect, disassemble, evaluated, retrofit or remanufacture your test gear like satinAMERICAN.


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