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Your operations don't stop, so why should we? Our crew of circuit breaker and switchgear installers internationally are dispatched almost immediately to deal with your emergencies. Could be one facility, or an entire power grid affected by natural disasters. Satin American has been there.

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Did You Know we buy power gear? Planning to completely replace your equipment? We'll buy it, bring it to its original operating condition, and recycle it into the supply chain.

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    Everything from complete vertical sections to secondary disconnect devices. With over 60,000 square feet of switchgear inventory, we stock just about every part from every manufacturer ever made.

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    Switchgear renewal is easy when you have the right parts.Replacement substructures, primary disconnect assemblies, secondary disconnect assemblies, MOC/TOC switches and replacement relaying & metering equipment just to name a few. ISN'T IT TIME?

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    ... Satin American Corporation stocks over 60,000 square feet of switchgear from every US manufacturer originally manufactured as early as 1941..

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    switchgear PERFORMING

    Everything from 2,300V to 38,000V – Match & Lineup Switchgear – Unit Substations – New Installations. We stock all manufacturer’s original switchgear originally manufactured as early as 1940!

still CAN’T FIND it?

Unlike many items available to keep your company’s electrical power system on line, Switchgear cannot be assumed to be a commodity item. From manufacturers in the United States alone, the electrical infrastructure contains Switchgear designed and built by: General Electric, Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, Allis Chalmers, Siemens, ITE, ABB, BBC, Square D, Powell, Powercon, as well as dozens of independent switchgear shops utilizing basic breakers and substructures supplied from the “big names”. It takes a staff of engineers, having a history with the major manufacturers, extending back into the 1960’s to be able to provide you with the replacement and new equipment needed for your project or emergency, and get things right the first time. All you need to do is contact one of our sales engineers.

satinAMERICAN proudly stocks all US manufactured Switchgear lineups including Switchboards, Metering, CT Cabinets, Switchgear Renewal Parts and custom assemblies for US Switchgear and Circuit Breakers starting from the 1940’s and on. We are the nation's premier supplier of both new switchgear and obsolete switchgear. We only furnish switchgear that is professionally reconditioned, tested, certified and guaranteed to perform. See why we've become the industry's first call for switchgear and switchgear assemblies.

Can't find the specific gear you need? Send an rfq now! Also, our Experienced team of engineers and sales men can help you find it with custom service and pricing. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some brands that we stock have not yet been added to our website. To learn about items not listed online, please call us toll-free at 877-706-7767.


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